Youth : 1882 – 1902
Igor Stravinsky was born on June 17, 1882 (June 5 according to the old Russian calendar) in Orianenbaum, a resort town on the Gulf of Finland where his family spent the holidays. He was the third in a family of four boys. Igor Stravinsky spent his childhood in St. Petersburg, in the Kryukov Canal district.


Kryukov Canal – St- Petersburg *

His father, Fyodor Stravinsky, of Polish origin, was a bass singer, famous for his exceptionally wide repertoire, with the Imperial Opera of St. Petersburg. Igor had the opportunity to attend the shows in which his father performed. His mother, Anna Kholodovsky, was herself an excellent pianist.

By 1890, Igor had begun taking lessons in piano and engaged willingly in improvisation. However, despite his evident talent for music, Stravinsky’s parents did not want their son to become a musician. They steered have him into law school, upon completion of his secondary education.

While at university, Stravinsky met Vladimir Rimsky-Korsakov, son of the famous composer, then in his full glory. Vladimir introduced Stravinsky to his father, who agreed to look at some of the young man’s compositions. Rimsky-Korsakov, a master of orchestration, was sufficiently impressed to take on Igor Stravinksy as his pupil for two years.

In 1902 Stravinsky’s father died and the young Igor became independent. He was now free to join St. Petersburg’s group of avant-garde artists.

* Photo Katya Chilingiri –